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Truth or Myth: Will Silver Turn Me Blue?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The most common question we get is: "Will this turn me blue?"

Quick Answer: No!

What's the long answer? Silver has been used for thousands of years as an antimicrobial for infections (internally and topically), for preserving foods and liquids, and medicinally. There are no known side effects when taking colloidal sliver correctly. Colloidal silver manufactured under strict laboratory standards and taken according to the recommended dosage is a safe and very good product to use!

So there is no silver that will turn me blue?

Not necessarily true. Silver turning a person blue is known as Argyria - a very rare, benign medically harmless bluish-grey skin discoloration resulting from silver deposits in the skin. Argyria is caused by consuming improperly made silver solutions containing silver particles that are too large, silver products which have impurities or are too concentrated. One of the most common causes is using homemade colloidal silver. Without the use of sophisticated manufacturing and testing equipment, it is impossible to accurately measure or monitor the silver particle size or concentration.

Who was the Blue Man?

In 2007, press reports described Paul Karason, an American man whose skin gradually turned blue after he took a homemade silver chloride colloid and used a silver salve on his face in an attempt to treat problems with his sinus, dermatitis, acid reflux and other issues. 

For almost two decades, Mr. Karason manufactured his own colloidal silver and for many years drank a liter or more per day. At the time of the reports, Mr. Karason maintained his belief in silver's effectiveness and continued to take it, albeit in smaller doses. 

This television appearance led to wild theories and unauthenticated claims to generally discredit a product which has a proven track record of remarkable therapeutic results. Most cases of Argyria reported in the medical literature over the last 100 years involved long-term intravenous or intramuscular use of the silver preparations.

What is the MBi Silver Difference?

  • MBi 30ppm Colloidal Silver is extremely safe and non-toxic.

  • After you consume MBi Silver, studies show it is cleared out of the body within approximately 24 hours, with no build-up or retention of silver particles.

  • With over 30 years of colloidal silver manufacturing experience there has never been one report of toxicity from anyone taking MBi Silver.

  • Manufactured under the strictest of cGMP standards - Innovation at MBi Nutraceuticals is founded on our commitment to quality, efficacy and safety. As one of the foremost manufacturers our facility is FDA registered, NSF and cGMP certified.

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Water Purification - Our water requires pre-treatment certification ensuring high purification standards. When the water enters our facility, we use a proprietary 13 step purification process, exceeding pharmaceutical grade water purification. Ensuring the manufacturing process is free from impurities.

  • 99% Pure Elemental Silver - We use only finest grade of 99% pure elemental silver to ensure the manufacturing process produces the highest quality of charged silver colloids. Tests show our silver colloid is stable more than 3 years with only a 1% degradation. Other silver complexes degrade 5-10% per month. 

  • The EPA has established, for health reasons, a daily oral reference dose (RfD) for silver over a 70-year study performed on adults of an average 70Kg in weight. This RfD is 350 micrograms of silver internally taken per day for 70 years!

  • Purity Makes the Difference - With over 30 years of colloidal silver manufacturing experience, MBi Nutraceuticals has formulated the purest and most bioavailable form of colloidal silver on the market today. 

With MBi Silver you have the highest quality silver available, use as directed, and you will never risk looking like you belong in the Blue Man Group!

*The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat,cure, or prevent disease. If you have any concerns about your own health, you should always consult with a physician or healthcare professional.



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