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Additional Ways To Use MBi

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has been used in medicine for centuries offering many health benefits by supporting immune function. It can also be used in various ways with many health advantages as shown below.

Dental Health

MBi 30ppm Colloidal Silver promotes healthy teeth and gums! Use as a mouthwash or simply swish and brush! Use one teaspoon for daily maintenance, up to 3 teaspoons daily for more dental support.

Keep Your Pets Healthy

Feathered or Furry! Many pet lovers use the MBi 30PPM Colloidal Silver for their pets. It can be used daily to support safe immune system support. For best results, administer directly into your pet’s mouth or in their water dish. May also be used topically on the affected area. 

Traveling Healthy and Safely 

Use MBi 30PPM Colloidal Silver to help keep you healthy on your vacations and adventures! Can be used daily to help support a strong immune system! For traveler’s diarrhea and other stomach ailments, take one teaspoon full strength, up to 3 times daily. 

Scratches, Cuts and Burns

For Topical Cuts, Scratches, and Rashes; wash area with warm water and soap, pat dry. Apply MBi 30PPM Colloidal Silver to the affected area. Let air dry, then cover. For Burns: Apply to the affected area. Let air dry.

Traveling, backpacking

Even More Ways To Use MBi

Colloidal Silver

MBi 30ppm Colloidal Silver has amazing broad spectrum benefits that can be used in even more ways

Ear and Throat

It is recommended to put ¼ teaspoon into ear, leave for two minutes, then tip out; repeat up to 3 times daily. For throat irritations, it is recommended to gargle one to two teaspoons MBi Nutraceuticals 30ppm Colloidal Silver for two minutes, then swallow.

Water Purity

Add to your drinking water to enhance its purity! Add two tablespoons to every gallon of water.

Learn More About Our Purity

History of Silver
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