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New Updates and Products Coming Soon!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We have big plans for the end of this year and even bigger ones for 2020. To start off, we just updated our site to give you a better experience on it. Our goal is to build a community of wonderful people that can come together, share their stories and learn new things! We hope to achieve that with this update and any future updates we do. Below is a list to highlight some of those features

What's New:

  • Account Section - You are now able to create an account on our site allowing you to comment and like blog posts, follow users and more!

  • MBi Rewards - MBi Rewards is a new email program that send you emails about, health alerts, tips, and exclusive coupon codes and deals you won't want to miss!

  • Shop - We completely revamped our shop in preparation for our new products. You can view the new products on the site right now! They will be updated with new information as we get closer to launch. We also plan on allowing purchases on our site early to mid-2020.

  • Lots More - There were several other small quality of life updates we made to make the experience better for you.

If you have any feedback for the site, feel free to message us or submit our feedback form at the bottom of any page by clicking "Site Feedback"

Our New Products

After 15 years, we are extremely excited to announce new products coming to our MBi Silver line and our new line, MBi Sleep.

MBi Silver

Our MBi Silver line is being expanded with the following products:

  • MBi Silver Kids 30ppm Spray 4oz

  • MBi Silver Liposome 8oz

  • MBi Silver First Aid & Burn Gel 4oz

  • MBi Silver 30ppm 16oz

These products will be joining the family in early 2020. As we get closer to launch we will continue to provide updates

MBi Sleep

Do you have problems sleeping? Can't get to sleep or stay asleep? MBi Sleep is the solution to those problems! With our unique patented sleep product, you will be sound asleep each and every night.

Coming 2020 to our Shop and Amazon.

Thank you

We want to take this time and thank all of you. We know it's been a rough transition this last year after leaving GNC but new beginnings can be a great thing and this will be a great one for all of us. We have big plans for these upcoming years and we cant wait to share everything with you.



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