The Facts Regarding Colloidal Silver

The purpose of this website is to simply provide you with the basic facts regarding colloidal silver and homeopathic colloidal silver. Silver companies have tried to position themselves over the competition by making outlandish claims such as kills’ cancer, kills candida, etc. They use phases such as “state of the art manufacturing facility,” or “patented process,” to convince the consumer that their product is better than the competition. They need no approval of any kind to say “state of the art,” and therefore cannot guarantee quality with such phases.

A Colloidal Silver So Powerful it's Considered a Natural Drug

The fact is—there is only one silver approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (HPUS) of the United States and so effective that it is recognized as a natural drug by the FDA. In order to be considered a homeopathic medicine, the nutrient in question must go through a series of provings that are based on real clinical outcomes and tested over a long period of time. Provings must be presented in front of an official scientific board and must pass stringent medical scrutiny based on safety, effectiveness and quality. Because homeopathic silver is considered a natural drug, it must adhere to the same manufacturing practices as pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facilities. Other manufactures of standard colloidal silver do not follow said procedures if any at all.

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